Sustainable Growth, Competitiveness, Innovation, Tourism and Welfare – New Challenges for the World Economy

The XXI Congress of the World Economy Society World Economy will be held on June 12, 13 and 14, 2019, organized by the Department of Management and Economics, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities and the University of Beira Interior, Portugal. Its theme is “Sustainable Growth, Competitiveness, Innovation, Tourism and Welfare – New Challenges for the World Economy”.

The congress will take place on the Campus of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the University of Beira Interior, at Estrada do Sineiro s / n, Covilhã, in the center of Portugal and relatively close to Spain (next to and halfway to the provinces of Cáceres and Salamanca).

The Organizing Committee hopes that some of the best communications can be published in a special issue of the World Economic Review magazine by the WES-World Economy Society / SEM-Society for World Economy, indexed to the ISI / JCR and SCOPUS.

Plenary sessions and round tables and parallel sessions are planned for presentation of papers, articles and ‘papers’. Applications are also accepted for the organization of special thematic sessions in areas proposed by competitors, but whose communications must always be approved by the Scientific Committee of the congress. This committee brings together renowned national and foreign researchers and a vast work published internationally.

As in previous years, the José Luís Sampedro Prize will also be awarded although with some changes compared to previous years (see details of the regulation).

There will be other complementary activities, such as the holding of workshops / workshops / plenary conferences and round tables whose topics are currently under discussion and approval. 


Workshops / Plenary Conferences:

Theme 1 to be defined soon

Topic 2 to be defined soon


Round tables:

– How to be successful in scientific publications: session with editors / directors of scientific journals and with the participation of experienced researchers who will discuss with interested parties the best ways to increase the pace and quality of publications in journals / ISI / JCR journals, Scopus and others. One of the expected attendances is that of the Director of the Journal of World Economy owned by SEM.

Session with book publishers: During the congress and with the presence of book publishers, both national and foreign, a session will be organized to present books and / or e-books on topics of interest to the congresses in the area of economics, economics social, finance and economic management.

These booksellers will take advantage of your presence to exhibit their latest books and other publications during the days of the congress.


Recreation and play activities:

As recreational activities we have provided:

– Port of honor / glass of Port wine and others of the region in the courtyard / hall of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the University of Beira Interior, Estrada do Sineiro s / n, Covilhã, Portugal, in the building where the Congress takes place.

– Tasting of various local products (cherry and other local fruits, the famous Cheese of the Sierra (sheep), hams and sausages, among others).

– Guided tour of the historic city center (art nouveau buildings and some examples of street art scattered around the city / historic center.

Visit and snack at the University Wool Museum

– Gala dinner in a hotel restaurant in the area (to be reported later).

– Guided tour of a place of tourist interest – historic city / historic city center, some new art city buildings and some of the existing Urban Art paintings.



Regulation of the XII Prize “JOSÉ LUIS SAMPEDRO”

As in previous years, the XII “JOSÉ LUIS SAMPEDRO” Prize will be awarded by the WES-World Economy Society / SEM-Sociedade Mundialia Mundial, to promote and disseminate research or research in the area of ​​the world economy. This prize is governed by the following regulation:

1. The prize announced will be chosen from among the communications sent to the XXI Congress of World Economy and that they voluntarily apply for it.

2. The theme of competing works have to fit into one of the scientific areas of the world economy foreseen for this congress.

3. The prize includes a special diploma and an artistic piece both with mention of the Prize. If the authors and the editor of the magazine agree, the work may be published in the World Economic Journal, with an explicit mention of the Priz

4. .The deadline for submission of the candidate communications will be the same as the presentation of the communications to the XXI WES / SEM Congress.

5. The works and authors who choose to apply for the prize must comply with the following requirements:
– Remission of the work under the same conditions and dates of the communications of the XXI SEM Congress, with the indication in the submission that they wish to apply for the prize.
– Positive evaluation by the Scientific Committee of the XXI SEM Congress.
– Registration at the XXI WES / SEM Congress.
– Presentation of the communication on the table attributed at the XXI WES / SEM Congress.
6. Papers will be submitted to a double peer evaluation process.
– The first evaluation will be done by the presidents of the XXI WES / SEM thematic areas, who will give a qualification to the works that meet the requirements established in clause five.
– The most qualified jobs will be evaluated later by a jury designated for this purpose by the World Economic Society and the organization.

7. The jury may decide not to award the Prize if it considers that the submitted works do not meet the criteria of quality and merits required.

8. The jury’s decision is final.

9. Participation in this Prize implies the express acceptance of all the conditions that govern it.



Communications will be evaluated according to the following standards:


You will be punctuated from 1 to 10 each of the items. The final grade will be the average of the scores obtained in each of the headings.

1 Topic, importance of the current theme: Whether it refers to aspects of the world economy or the international economy, or to other aspects of the national economy with conclusions that can be extrapolated to other countries, or to aspects related to the outside or the development of the economy national.

2 Objectives: If they are quickly identified, clearly defined, accurate and feasible.

3 Assumptions and research design: If they are clear, accurate, and feasible, they are adequate for the study.

4 Methodology, statistical techniques: If appropriate for the types of variables used, whether they are sufficient to replicate the study, and whether the techniques are appropriate to respond to the hypotheses formulated.

5 Structure: If it is appropriate to the objectives, hypotheses and methodology.

6 Tables, tables and graphs: If they are sufficient and appropriate and sufficient information is presented for their interpretation.

7 Discussion or analysis: Examines and interprets the results correctly according to their meaning and limitations.

8 Results and conclusions: If the results present relevant information for the study objectives, if they are relevant, they include enough data to justify the conclusions and if the conclusions are based on the results.

9 Bibliography, bibliographical references: It lists the important works, if the bibliography is current and if they are sufficient and appropriate.

10 Summary: If it is clear, it includes the objectives and hypotheses (if applicable), the design, the description of the methods and the variables.


Dates for sending communications / articles / ‘papers’:

Sending communications (up to 7000 words): May 12, 2019

Notification of acceptance: until May 20, 2019