Registration at SEM’s XXI Congress of World Economy is done online by completing the data in the path. Click on the highlighted expression and it will appreciate it. Then just fill and send.

In order to pay the fees of the congress click [here]


Prices (until May 25):
SEM members (congress, documentation, meals) – € 150
Non-SEM members (congress, documentation, meals); € 250
Non-members who become members of SEM (congress, documentation, meals); € 200
Students (congress, documentation, meals); € 100
Assistants / escort (includes gala dinner) € 200
Only Official dinner (students and companions) 30 €


Prices (from May 25 to June 5):
SEM members (congress, documentation, meals), € 175
Non-SEM members (congress, documentation, meals), € 300
Non-members who become members of SEM (congress, documentation, meals), € 250
Students (congress, documentation, meals), 130 €
Assistants / escort (includes gala dinner) € 200
Only dinner (students and companions) 30 €



Frequently Asked Questions

Should I submit summary?
No, the complete communication should be sent directly.

How are communications sent?
In the sending platform link, once you enter your personal data into the system, you can enter up to three communications for registration.

What is the deadline for registering and sending communications?
The deadline is open from January 25 to May 12, 2019.

Are the submitted communications accepted automatically?
No, a committee of experts will evaluate the communications received and will communicate which papers are accepted for presentation.

I want to plan my trip. If I sign up in advance, will I get a quick response?
Yes, the scientific committee will evaluate the communications as they are presented, so they have more time to book flights, hotels and plan their trip.

If a paper is presented in collaboration with another colleague, do we receive both the corresponding participation and presentation certificates?
Two diplomas are issued, one of participation and one of presentation. In this case, and understanding that your co-author can not attend and therefore has not signed up or paid, he does not receive any of the certificates. Who presents and participates, he receives both (assistance / presence and presentation).

Is there an article, template, or template format?
Yes, you can get it by clicking <here>.

Is there a platform to send articles / communications?
Yes, there is the online platform <EasyChair>. Click the word and it appears on your computer. Articles must meet the editing standards and be recorded in PDF format.